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Barnaby Joyce On Twitter

20 Sep

Yes, Senator Joyce has now joined the Twitterverse.

Now you too can enjoy Parliament’s reigning king of the one-liners in his element .. 140 characters or less.

Follow @Barnaby_Joyce for more of this (from last night):

“I can’t stand it, must tweet! 4corners fault. If it doesn’t hurt Greg Combet, it has no effect. But it does hurt and achieves nothing”

#4corners that wasn’t a documentary, that was an ad! The credits should have been “Authorised by: J Gillard, Parliament House, Canberra””

“Twitter,I tried to fight it, I did. I believed op eds were the realm of political debate but why write 700 words, you only need write 30.”

“Crest fallen! Only 100 followers in hour but Labor only 26 percent over whole nation.”

@eatnik Going Home to read Love in a time of Cholera. Been warned not to tweet like Tony Burke”

“Swan: Finance Minister of The Year. Gala ceremony to be held in Nimbin.”

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