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Gillard Is Right … To Speak Freely

2 Sep

Look at all the hypocrites, dear reader.

Look at all the little hypocrites attacking Gillard, for questioning the High Court’s decision on her government’s Malaysian people-trading deal.

How dare she question their decision!

I mean, seriously. Not one of us would even dream of thinking that a court got it wrong if they made a judgment that we didn’t like, now would we?

Oh no.

Each and every one of us would totally and unquestioningly accept that the judge/s know better than us, are infinitely wiser, all-knowing and all-understanding, infallible gods-made-flesh of truth, justice, and virtue.

Oh yes.

Even if the court’s decision totally f***ed us over … say for example, in a Family Court decision over parental access rights … we would all, each and every one of us, meekly and unquestioningly prostrate ourselves before the bench and accept our fate.

Give me a break!

Each and every one of us would do far more than think questioning thoughts.

We would all give voice to our dissatisfaction. Long and loud, to anyone who would listen. In one way or another.

Let us be clear. I am making no comment on the Malaysian people-trading deal, or the government’s competence, or indeed, on the wisdom (or otherwise) of Gillard saying what she has said (ie, given the complex and nuanced context of her position as PM, and this particular situation). Regular readers will have a pretty fair idea of my views on those specific points of order 😉

What I am commenting on, is the sheer unadulterated hypocrisy … and even worse, the galactic stupidity … of all those (especially in the mainstream media) who have climbed onto an even higher horse than before, simply because Gillard has dared to express a different view to the High Court.

Our judges are human.

They are also highly pampered, pompous, arrogant, disconnected-from-reality lawyers, for God’s sake!

They are not infallible.  They are not unassailable genii.

It is perfectly acceptable … I would argue, needful … to question all authority.

You are a disgrace to Australia’s heritage, spirit, and traditional values if you do not.

And, you are also an idiot if you do not question all authority.


Because history demonstrates very clearly, that any “authority” left unquestioned for very long, very soon becomes a law unto itself.

Think about it.

“I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” – Voltaire


The Australian Catholic University’s Professor Greg Craven, author of “Conversations with the Constitution”, agrees that “.. Julia Gillard’s criticisms of it [the High Court] aren’t that scandalous“.

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