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Get ‘Em Naked – Rudd’s Deal To Buy Youth Access

17 Jul

Next, a revival of his 2009 proposal to lower the voting age to 16?

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

The Labor Party’s advertising agency has been offering “exclusive” interviews with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in exchange for free pro-Labor advertising and editorial on youth websites.

The deal, which also encouraged journalists to produce “entertaining content on the theme of the inadequacy of the Liberal NBN plan”, had been rejected on ethical grounds by Fairfax Media’s popular culture website, TheVine. Two other youth-focused websites – Vice and Pedestrian.tv – have received the same brief.

The deal was being spruiked by Naked Communications, the online and youth-focused advertising agency for Labor’s campaign.

Labor’s national secretary, George Wright, who is in charge of the election campaign, said he had never seen the advertising-for-access deal, despite the document carrying Labor Party branding…

Earlier a spokeswoman for Mr Rudd had said: “The actions of Naked Communications were conducted without the authority or knowledge of the Prime Minister, or his office.”

However, emails obtained by Fairfax Media suggest the Prime Minister’s office was informed of the negotiations.

After being told his deal for access to Mr Rudd was unethical, Naked Communications executive Nick Kavanagh discussed a compromise arrangement with TheVine’s editor, Alyx Gorman.

“No news from the [Prime Minister’s Office] as yet but we’ll keep you updated,” Mr Kavanagh wrote.


P . R . E . D . A . T . O . R . S.

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