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How Do You Spell Sycophant? L.I.B.E.R.A.L.

16 Nov

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

Libs angered by Nationals going alone on policy

Liberal frontbenchers and MPs were angry yesterday when the Nationals leader, Warren Truss, and the Senate leader, Barnaby Joyce, ridiculed a free-trade pact entered into by Australia, the US and other nations at the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation summit in Hawaii.

The Liberals support free trade and the proposed partnership and were dismayed yesterday when Mr Truss rubbished it as a ”thought bubble” by APEC leaders, including the US President, Barack Obama, who arrives in Australia tomorrow for a 26-hour visit.

”It is simply inconceivable that the United States would agree to remove trade barriers in what is an election year,” said Mr Truss, a former trade minister.

I agree with Mr Truss.

And loudly applaud his having the testicular fortitude to say so.

Although I’d go even further. The USA has form. It is inconceivable that the United States would agree to remove their trade barriers at all.

Despite Mr Obama announcing at last year’s APEC in Yokohama, Japan, that he wanted progress on the partnership when leaders met next in Hawaii, Mr Truss said the announcement on Sunday was designed ”to make a conference look like it was useful”.

The Nationals believe the deal could have an adverse impact on sectors such as agriculture.

Mr Truss’s comments were at odds with Coalition policy and comments by the deputy leader and foreign affairs spokeswoman, Julie Bishop, who believes the partnership needs to be encouraged.

Privately, Liberals were furious. ”It’s a US initiative and we should embrace it,’‘ one said.


We should embrace an “initiative” because it’s a US initiative?!?!

That’s the kind of “logic” that got us wasting billions of dollars … and far more importantly, priceless lives … in Iraq and Afghanistan, dancing to the tune of the bankers’ rhythm-and-blues smash hit, Warring About My Endless Profits.

It’s the kind of “logic” that has our banking system buried under $16.8 Trillion in derivatives … with the galactically bigger carbon derivatives scam still to come.

And it’s the kind of logic that prompted our World’s Greatest Finance Minister to use taxpayers money to buy up $20 billion worth of “financial weapons of mass destruction” known as Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities (RMBS).

Not familiar with that word “sycophant”?

That’s ok.

Here’s a synonym.


Now, while “brown-noser” is essentially identical to “sycophant”, it is spelled a little differently.


And that, dear reader, is a huge part of the problem in this country.

Two “sides”.  No essential difference.

Like “brown-noser” and “sycophant”, one is just a cruder version of the other.

And the truth is, both are always trying to insert something up your @$$.

It’s time for the Nationals to really go it alone.

The whole hog.

I’d actually consider (cough, splutter) joining if they did.

Provided one of their independent policies, was to never again be a party to sending other people’s kids off to die as part of a bankster-enriching Coalition Of The (S)Willing.

Barnaby: “It’s Time For You To Ring Canberra Again”

2 Jul

“You’ve got to realise that you are the power.”

“That you are the ones that make the changes.”

“DO NOT THINK THAT YOU ARE POWERLESS … People are terrified of you!”

“They are terrified that you can change the way Australia goes.”

I met Senator Joyce for the first time yesterday, at the No Carbon Tax rally in Sydney –

And this is his impassioned advice to you.

He says that he cannot stop the carbon tax.

Only you can do it.

And the only way that you can do it, is by picking up the phone.

And dialling Canberra.

It is only by sheer weight of “people power”, that this carbon tax will be stopped.

Do not forget – it was the massive grassroots “revolt” by Average Aussies that ousted Malcolm Turnbull in late 2009.

At the 11th hour to midnight.

That people’s revolt killed off the Turnbull-Rudd bipartisan drive towards legislating the Rudd CPRS.

Now, the Brown-Gillard carbon “tax” / ETS – which is just the bankers’ CPRS by another name – is back to haunt us.

And with the Greens now holding the balance of power, only massive pressure from We The People can stop it now.

That desperately-needed People Pressure must come in one of two forms.  The only two forms that politicians recognise, and understand.

Phone calls.

And good old-fashioned posted letters. Including your details, and return address.

Yesterday, I witnessed Barnaby repeat this advice, over and over and over again, to the many dozens of concerned Aussies who approached him directly.

So, if you really want this thing stopped … it’s up to you.

Pick up the phone.

Call Canberra.

Tell the Members of the House of Representatives – and the Senate – just what you really think of the government’s carbon “X” plans.

And tell them that you want a new election to decide this issue.  Right now.

Then … hand the phone to your family, and get each one of them to do the same.

Then … your friends, neighbours, everyone.

Politicians are your servants. Never forget that.

It’s perfectly ok to tell them directly, what you want them to do for you.

That is your right.

And, it is your obligation, as a responsible free citizen and voter.

Here’s the full list of Members of the House of Reps.

Here’s the full list of Senators.

Come Monday morning, the Greens arrive to take over our Parliament.

Monday, the 4th of July.

That’s Independence Day in America.

The day when Americans celebrate their Declaration of Independence from the rule of tyranny.

Let’s join our American friends by marking this Fourth of July too.

Let’s declare our own Independence Day … from Green-Gillard tyranny.

Come Monday morning, when the Greens go to Parliament House to take over … let’s melt their switchboard!

Come Monday morning … get dialling.

To declare our Independence.

Kill the carbon “X”.

Kill it NOW.

Be There!!

30 Jun

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Warren Truss Unplugged: “You All Know That The PM LIED To You”

16 May

Brilliant off-the-cuff speech by Mr Warren Truss MP, leader of The Nationals, in Port Macquarie yesterday.

The man is a class act.

A true elder statesman. Speaking from the heart to several thousand fellow Australian elder statesmen and -women.

My opinion – Warren for PM.

Plug him.

Enjoy (apologies for occasional autofocus problems):

“The Prime Minister hasn’t been dishonest with you once, she’s been dishonest with you time and time and time again!”

The Natives Are Restless

15 May

Some public comments on the carbon dioxide tax, from Port Macquarie in the heart of Rob Oakeshott’s electorate of Lyne.

Video to follow.

Feel the love, Rob.

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Brandished by a very polite and proper, well-dressed, respectable-looking female senior citizen

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Not to be left out of this big group-hug:

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Grey power meekly bows to the insults of politicians:

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About that scientific “consensus”.  Seems many were familiar with Nobel prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman’s wise maxim –

“Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts”

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And a few other thoughts:

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The Port Macquarie News photo gallery here.

See You There – Barnaby vs No-Shott

15 May

Have a great Sunday.

I’m off to burn about 80-odd litres of fossil fuels and put some more of that lovely carbon DIOXIDE out there to green the planet.  Oh yes, and to show my support for Barnaby and Warren Truss at the No Carbon Tax rally in No-shott’s electorate

Town Green
Houton Street
Port Macquarie NSW
Time: 1pm

Keynote Speakers: Barnaby Joyce, Warren Truss.

Australians All Let Us Rejoyce

25 Apr

Seriously.  Who wouldn’t want a straight up, stand up, no-BS, battle-scarred country bloke with a heart full of pride in Australia and a mouth full of hilarious one-liners to be our next Deputy PM?

The times certainly are a-changin’ when even a journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald’s latte-sipping inner city self-appointed moral elites is jumping for joyce at the prospect –

Sometimes people can’t handle the truth. Haters are going to hate. Not long after making these statements Joyce was cruelly divested of the shadow finance portfolio.

Since then he has railed in a most entertaining manner against the Building the Education Revolution (“glorified garden sheds”), the carbon tax (“a little home-cooked policy cake to cool the planet”) and the national broadband network, which he likes to call a “telephone company”.

This last quip causes the Broadband Minister, Stephen Conroy, to actually twitch with indignation. It’s marvellous.

Joycean press releases are a joy; gleaming gems among the usual dreary transcripts and self-serving announcements that land in the journalistic inbox…

Last week, for something different, he bowled up a press release in the form of a quiz.

“Q. Who am I? Two weeks ago there were 183.8 of me, this week there is 187.3 of me,” it read.

“A. Billions of dollars in gross debt.”

Who else but Barnaby could turn the deficit into a parlour game? Australian politics is the richer for him. He is a constant and vociferous critic of the government, an independent thinker and a fearless advocate for his state. Plus he has a flair for language, something Gillard can most certainly not boast.

For that reason alone, actually for only that reason: Barnaby for Deputy PM.

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