Who Owns Our Debt?

Yesterday I wrote an article commenting on the SMH economics editor Ross Gittins’ column about Australia’s foreign debt.

Something else Mr Gittins claimed in his article caught my notice and bugged me overnight:

What’s that you say? You thought the pollies had done little else but spar about deficits and debt? Sorry, different debt. They’ve been arguing about the public debt – the amount the federal government owes (mainly to Australians).

Mr Gittins is apparently claiming that when the Australian Government issues Commonwealth Securities to raise money, that these are mainly bought by Australians – investors, super funds, banks, big companies, etc.

But is that true?  Is our public debt “mainly” owed to Australians?

I decided it might be nice to know for sure.  Not just take Ross Gittins’ word for it.

In the RBA’s Statistics section, spreadsheet “E9.xls” – Commonwealth Government Securities Classified By Holder as at June 30, I found something interesting.

73.44% of Commonwealth debt is owned by “Other holders – All other”.

That’s at June 30 2009, when there was $101.139bn in public debt on issue.

As of Friday, there is now $127.982bn in public debt on issue.

Who exactly is “Other holders – All other”?

Why does the RBA not release full (and current) details of exactly who owns this vast majority of our public debt?

After all, the RBA’s spreadsheet does list many, many different categories for ‘Holders’ of Commonwealth debt.  Take a look at the list:

Reserve Bank
Commonwealth of Australia
Other banks
Life assurance offices
Private fire, marine, and general insurance offices
Authorised money market dealers

Other private financial institutions
– Pensions and provident funds
– Friendly societies, hospital and medical funds
– Trustee companies
– Pastoral finance companies
– All other

Government financial institutions
– Insurance offices and funds
– Pension and provident funds
– Public trustees
– All other

Public authorities (excluding finance)
– Australian Government (including semi-government)
– State Government
– Local government and state semi-government

Other holders
– Companies (excluding finance)
– Marketing boards
– Farmers
– Non-profit organisations
– All other

That’s a very comprehensive list.  And yet, nearly 3/4’s of the public debt is in that last category.

By a simple process of elimination, we can see who does not own the majority of our public debt.

So… who is “Other holders – All other”?

Australians want to know.


In a different RBA spreadsheet – “E3.xls”, Commonwealth Government Securities Classified By Holder – we see a category titled “Memo item: Estimated non-resident holders”.

This spreadsheet shows that, at September 2009, $65.972bn in Commonwealth debt was estimated to be held by non-residents. From a total of $104.228bn.

So at September 2009, an estimated 63.3%. of public debt was actually held by non-residents of Australia.

Ross Gittins is wrong.

And who exactly, are the ‘non-residents’ who hold 63.3% (or more?) of our public debt?


Here’s a chart showing the rise in non-resident ownership of Australia’s public debt, since 1986 (click to enlarge) –

Commonwealth Public Debt - % Held by Non-residents

17 Responses to “Who Owns Our Debt?”

  1. JMD May 11, 2011 at 5:13 pm #

    And not just nowadays. Go back to 1997 & you will see that non-residents held a sizeable portion of what was at that time a record amount of outstanding Australian government debt then too.

    1997 is interesting, it was the beginning of the Asian Financial Crisis & a sale of a certain commodity by the government.

    I have put together an article you might be interested in reading or even publishing on your estimable blog? Though it doesn’t necessarily show the Howard government in a favourable light.

    Let me know if you are interested.

    • The Blissful Ignoramus May 11, 2011 at 6:10 pm #

      I’m all ears JMD. No favours needed re Howard Govt; they had plenty of policies I strongly disagreed with. You’re welcome to send your article to acquiredcynicism_at_yahoo_dot_com_dot_au.

      Thanks for the tip on 1997. I’ll have a deeper dig into that period.

    • Ben Emerson November 30, 2011 at 1:16 am #

      It would be interesting to plot the periods of governance by particular parties within politics against the graph showing the increase in ownership of public debt. Who sold out the most?

    • Shaun Meyer November 22, 2012 at 3:38 pm #

      Please i am very very interested in this information!

      • JMD November 23, 2012 at 9:55 pm #


        I think you will find it in the archives under ‘RBA gold sale’. For what it’s worth, I think it’s still pretty much on the money, in that I haven’t yet found a better explanation.


        The RBA has recently been providing some interesting new information on the makeup of its State government bond purchases. I’ve made a graph you might like to see. Pretty clear which state is the biggest deadbeat!

        I no longer have your email. Send it through to me if you want to take a look.

    • BRIAN WOODS May 28, 2014 at 10:45 pm #

      most our debt is hidden it is to the world bank, but govt only tell us of the national debt not our world debt, and in older days they used to disclose our world bank debt….we just raised our debt borrowing limit by a huge $200 billion, huge, this when borrowed will be borrowed from world bank and interest set, did we hear what its for in the budget? NO.

  2. Steve October 28, 2011 at 7:03 pm #

    Also CIA factbook shows ~ -61% NIIP ie we only own about 1/3 of our farm….

  3. Michael F. April 29, 2012 at 9:04 am #

    If you have another look….you’ll notice that the RBA has changed the spreadsheet so as to not identify all the groups in detail.

  4. JMD December 3, 2012 at 9:19 am #

    Still a Steve Keen fan TBI? Here’s something truly atrocious;


    Keen professes to “prefer to resolve them (debates) by the empirical record”, then proceeds to extensively quote some guy from the IMF as ’empirical evidence’. I’m skeptical to say the least.

    He also claims, again quoting the guy from the IMF, that “most of the times when gold played a major role in currency, it was because it had been nominated as the form of money by the sovereign”. Well, so does the dollar, is he claiming the dollar is thus not money?

    “intrinsic qualities of the metals” is mentioned (again as a quote from the IMF) but evidently goes over Keen’s head. It is just the ‘intrinsic qualities of the metals’ that makes them the premier standard of quality, the regulator of the quality of the credit he is so enamoured of.

    • The Blissful Ignoramus January 6, 2013 at 9:56 pm #

      I am presently reading David Graeber’s “Debt: The First 5,000 Years” – I see Steve Keen mentions it in his piece. It is quite an eye opener on a number of points regarding “money”, debt/credit systems, coinage, and the like. Tends to confirm the view that we are all, in varying degrees, blind to the actual history and chronology of the past systems of exchange used in societies around the world, and their (varying) influence on and relevance to the present. Well worth a read.

      For my part, Graeber’s book has, from what I’ve read to date (8 chapters), provided abundant confirmation that my own idea for an alternate currency system is, from a philosophical standpoint, right on the money (pun intended).

      FWIW, I’m naturally very leery of anything put forward by the IMF. In my view, the IMF’s own historical record is abundant testimony to the wisdom of distrusting them and everything they say or do, completely. That’s not to say that everything they say is false, just that one can be certain they have an ulterior motive for whatever they do say, whether true or false; a motive that inevitably turns out to be bad for everyone except them and their cronies.

  5. Peter Stockings November 22, 2013 at 7:28 am #

    I am in my 60’s and have worked physically hard in hard work jobs al my life and have managed to pay off my home back to a lender.
    No one really admits who is holding the debt, if I owe a debt it is to a person/bank, that person has money, who in the world has money as such and holds the world debt?
    No one it is to me, something I have never understood and still can’t in this day and age.
    Either someone has money and holds a the debt or not, answer please.

    • Moneta September 16, 2014 at 1:55 pm #

      The banks are the creditors, even though they create your loan out of thin air, as a mere digital entry in their computerised ledger – plus interest on that thin air!

      Check out http://www.positivemoney.org

  6. md May 3, 2014 at 12:13 pm #
    How much treason do you want with your globalist racketeering? The thorough slipperiness of multicultural rhetoric is classic deception. So seamlessly does it exchange fiction for reality that it’s hard to notice the difference. The device tricks Aussies into believing that plague immigration is inevitable. From the globalist centre of insane greed came multiculturalism and the plague immigration war weapon. It’s useful to stand back and survey the damage. Western nations are in meltdown, with the rich even richer. Inherit the wind, you filthy bastards. For those Aussies who “embrace” mass immigration and cultural diversity, does it ever occur to them that in moving closer to the edge of a precipice to admire the view, they risk toppling into oblivion? Multicultural beliefs that are neither sane nor cheap It was claimed that plague immigration would maximize the economic benefits and quality of life in Australia, yet it has done the opposite for most Australians. Even a halfwit could have seen that coming. If you want to believe there is such a thing as sustainable population growth, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy must tuck you into your cot at night. Why face facts when your brain can take a holiday in ignorance and globalist propaganda? Under the fundamentalist religion of multiculturalism, the drooling faithful receive hysteria lessons instead of history lessons. They are then dry roasted over a medium heat until they thicken. Multiculturalism is not a science. Multiculturalism is just like any other Ponzi scheme or “free” energy scam Ross Gittens on the Rudd government plague immigration idiocy: Part of Kevin Rudd’s plan to fight inflation is to “tackle chronic skills shortages”, through mass immigration. Rudd believed mass immigration fills vacancies and curbs wage rises. Inner sadism expresses itself in the physical world. Those infected with globalist plague are at the helm. They are steering bovine humanity toward a mass immigration, overpopulation cliff. If you go over the edge, don’t blame gravity. I suggest that the poofterist defenders of political correctness be immediately deported to the third world pestholes they wish Australia to emulate. They would be in a third world ethnic Heaven according to their own bullshit. Aussie suckers finding themselves made strangers in their own “enriched” multicultural country The media drones have partnered with big business and try to convince the public that people who oppose rapid population growth in Australia must be racist. The media drones never give space to people who oppose pandemic immigration. Scams where overloaded infrastructure is repeatedly torn up and replaced at great cost to the public, adds insult to the housing scarcity that plague immigration and property racketeering are creating. Fight back before it’s too late. Cargo-cultist politicians plan to add many more people to Sydney that lacks housing, and to Melbourne that lacks water. Overloaded cities. These quisling politicians couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag. They have less sense than chooks. Only dimwits pay for globalist white elephant infrastructure projects Politicians and media drones like to confabulate that plague immigration ameliorates the adverse effects of an aging population by generating stronger growth and a deeper revenue base. Over time it does the opposite. It reduces per capita wealth. An inconvenient truth about the pervert revolution. Feminist misfits (lesbian perverts) elevated their man-hating neurotic hysteria to the bogus status of moral excellence. They now push hard for a plague immigration tsunami to wash our nation away. “Experts” insist that Aussies workers be kept running till they drop. How else can they be swept aside for the polyglot hordes of imported scab labour? 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The bloated globalist parasites have clearly prospered in their new era, as obedient sovereign populations allow themselves to be invaded and replaced by more desperate imported scab labour. Globalist corruption must be absorbed through the dirty skins of dedicated multicultural cock-gobblers. It certainly oozes out of the mouths of globalist mass media drones. The so-called “level playing field” is a graveyard for sovereign nations. The primitive superstition or cargo-cult of multiculturalism facilitates society’s degeneration back to savagery. There is undeniably a serious difference between sustainability rhetoric and government plague immigration policy. Plague immigration and the creation and maintenance of scarcity Australia needs more tenants about as much as we need more diabetes or congested roads. If there are good reasons for mass immigration, the fear of a shortage of desperate people to drive rents through the roof is not one of them. I’m trying to keep an unlimited number of ethnic criminals, gang members, drug dealers and social welfare parasites from pouring into this land. I’m trying to preserve opportunities for Aussie workers while preserving the environment. The Australian sheeple are mostly ruled and “guided” by the quislings and media drones of a politically correct master race. Globalist “reform” and multicultural bullshit wrote a horror story of Australian enslavement. Don’t waste time arguing with mindless multicultural muppets If you are very trusting, you might imagine that plague immigration does not necessarily mean doom or a change for the worse. It may get much harder for you to maintain that ignorance as Australia’s third world future takes root. Muammar Gaddafi: “There are signs that Allah will grant victory to Islam in Europe without sword, without gun, without conquest. We don’t need terrorists; we don’t need homicide bombers.” He meant his breeding locusts will over-run the continent. If you look at any massively overpopulated country like China, India, Great Britain, Mexico, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, etc., you can see the quickening of the “tragedy of the commons”. You will also see millions in denial of their catastrophe. Bring common sense to the situation and focus on the corruption and irresponsibility of plague immigration Claiming that you can’t object to current immigration policy because your forebears were immigrants is a bit like saying that, because you were once a foetus, you must always support massive levels of reproduction. Despite globalism and multiculturalism imploding, the globalist mass media drones act as if nothing has been said, as if nothing’s changed, and the multicultural idea was still intact. They haven’t noticed the sand shifting under their feet. This is why we “need” imported scab labour? Someone has to eat the rats? Homeless Poles in north London were barbecuing rats. 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They spew out pre-digested vomit about massively “needing” imported scab labour, that must be suitably ethnic, multicultural and non-white. They all like to splash around in the plague immigration sewer, even the so-called conservatives! But it takes a cynical breed of quisling to stay in power by financially accommodating the immigrant hordes with our tax money. The ethnic “community leaders” and our political quislings must be held responsible for this awful state of affairs We are hamstrung by guilt-ridden multicultural muppets and psychopaths that control them. Their plague immigrationist ideas are tools of demographic suicide. Jean Raspail wrote a generation ago, “because they are weapons of self-annihilation.” Growth-mad politicians are fond of croaking that Australia is a nation of immigrants, and weirdly that means we must accept mass immigration forever. That old cliche confuses facts with wisdom. It doesn’t care if Australia is already overpopulated. 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They see new heights of human progress achievable when “intolerance” is no longer tolerated and is violently eliminated. The pitiful drivel that elected quislings and globalist media drones expect us to swallow is so piss-weak that it’s laughable, although the globalist takeover of our nation is no laughing matter. What is happening is merciless and ruthless. Was there really a debate on immigration and, if so, where and when was it held? It is usual for ethnics to have no feeling for being Australian, and many work against anything they perceive to be Australian. Some Jews consider themselves a multicultural elite, and work hysterically against the Australian culture. Festering foreign enclaves swarming with ethnic gangsters may appeal to politicians, but Aussies must reject all this pro-growth multicultural tripe that represents big business before people. Don’t get comfortable with national destruction. 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The weak and greedy minds of elected quislings and media drones seen poised to murder our national solidarity. Overpaid maniacs run wild. You look into multiculturalist eyes, and you get the impression that someone turned off the lights Increased traffic congestion is just one unsustainable cost of population growth – usually regarded by simple minds as beneficial for the economy – but actually incurring unpayable costs for the society as a whole. The ominous, divergent trends of an increasing population and declining arable land and depleting fossil fuels, point to a rapid die-off of human population within this century. In the absence of Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, humans are stuffed. This quote has some relevance to the muffled feral immigration debate in Australia: “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” – George Orwell. Importing hatred for real humans from primitive cultures If being dissatisfied with overpopulation is pathological and plague immigration is sacred, then we can easily infer that sanity or happiness is evil. Increased poverty and emotional distress from crowding is the price of real estate Ponzi schemes. The conformist morons allow wealthy parasites to blood-suck, and wealthy parasites allow morons to breed like locusts. We can switch on the light-bulbs in the intelligent heads, but with drooling morons, there are no light-bulbs to switch on. The rotten bulk of the plague immigration Ponzi scheme will soon topple onto the trivial lives of many bovine Aussie dullards. With their mass-media damaged minds, they cannot possibly conceive of such a catastrophe. Their greed has made them stupid. Boundless flood plains, bushfires and desolation to share with ethnic imports What politicians and media drones are doing to Australians, is treason. Politicians offered their throats to globalist vampires, and they are now among the bloodsucking undead. The new Australian reality is a nightmare of real estate Ponzi schemes. The grinding down of vital infrastructure into a horrific and crumbling future nightmare is another way to avoid facing the costs of a grotesque process of wealth transfer and looting of national wealth. So you want to grow our population? Soon enough we will be drinking parasite-infested and toxic sewage effluent. It will spew from hospitals, industry, homes and abattoirs, to then be indirectly or directly inserted into public drinking water. A nation can survive natural calamities and dissent, but it will always be defeated by mass immigration With population growth, we cannot ever hope to cure mass unemployment, because the dynamic of modern industry is toward ever more machine labour replacing human labour. Technology won’t stop, and it naturally makes production ever more efficient. You will discover the attributes of criminality in our globalist governments. If you look a little more closely, you will find that globalism is itself a source of crime. The lying tongues of elected quislings speak criminality. Pandemic immigration is leading inexorably to the impoverishment of the working class, and the creation of an underclass. The parasite landlords could face the dilemma of exterminating the tenant class that they leech. Millions of diseased ethnic chickens come here to lay their eggs of cultural disintegration A majestic, steady, forward movement of progressive subservience to globalism carries Aussies into the dark barren lands of national death. For decades, the puppet creatures have embraced mental lethargy while eating the vomit of plague immigration. As a nation, if we don’t understand the impact of globalist plague immigration and what it is going to do to most of us, it will soon be too late. That’s right – legal immigration is just as bad as illegal immigration. The main equation: Plague immigration = more damaged environment + poorer quality of life. Most people realize that there are no overall benefits from plague immigration, but they hope to cash-in personally before the Ponzi scheme implodes. Those who feed into, or feed off, this pathetic plague immigration property Ponzi scheme must be sidelined or executed I see no evidence that multicultural or third world societies are harmonious and prosperous. All the evidence points the other way. Plague immigration delivers the greatest misery for the greatest number. It is the opposite of utilitarianism. The multicultural plague immigration cargo-cult has harmful side-effects that adversely affect a political muppet’s ability to make sound judgments. It also weakens their resistance to same-sex perversion and other diseases of the disordered mind. Multiculturalism needs taxpayers to fund it, otherwise it will wither and die, but taxpayers never needed multiculturalism for anything. If you destroy the parasite, its host thrives, but if you kill the host, the useless parasite must starve. The outsourcing of national suicide Even though Pauline Hanson may have forgiven Tony Abbott whose “Australians For Honest Politics” conspiracy put her behind bars, we don’t have to forgive this neo-fascist Papal stooge. Like his evil mentor Howard, Abbott is a plague immigrationist. Strong, cohesive communities are not possible under a globalist regime of enforced multiculturalism and cultural diversity propaganda. This is no accident. The globalists want Australia very badly, and will do anything to have it. In promoting free trade, the wealthy parasite elite knew that it would increase their riches. They also knew that the real prices of necessities would rise to unaffordability for most workers, while their real wages would fall. To many invading aliens, the infantile ideology of multiculturalism is viewed as a sign of our weakness Pretending any longer that the bought and paid for political prostitutes who misgovern Australia, represent you or anyone you know is to submit to idiocy or spinelessness. Submission and conformity will not save you, your family, or your nation. Much of what Australia imports is produced or processed by people who work for food only. This is what our quislings call “free trade” while saying they are confident that Aussies can compete. Globalist “free trade” is in reality “slave trade.” How many extra people can Australia sustain? Short answer: not many! Anyone with a three digit IQ asks: What’s the point of more population growth in Australia when you see what it did to China, India, Indonesia and other third world pestholes? With full bipartisan support, Australia was looted, raped, pillaged and plundered by parasite speculators turbocharged by mass immigration Despite insane globalist propaganda, the hard fact is that societies facing severe economic and ecological challenges cannot be unlocked candy stores to the poor and huddled masses of the world. There are fiscal limits to compassion. The immoral and filth-encrusted nostrums of multiculturalism are truly the harvested arse-squeezings of poofterism, plague immigration, gangster capitalism and globalist treason. Comfortable globalist whores have no problems with any of that. There is no widespread benefit from mass immigration. It is mainly a vehicle for change, but of a change which brings destruction, and replaces what was already there, so there is nothing and nobody left to oppose corruption and crime. Self-serving anti-Australian Jews led the effort to dismantle the “white Australia” policy Multiculturalism sets out not to clean, but to cleanse Australia. Cleanse implies an impure moral condition at the start, and more to do, than clean. In any case, the sin or impurity that is to be cleansed away, is Australians themselves. I hope the multicultural muppets humbly submit and applaud their own annihilation and extinction when the globalists finally deem it necessary. As we all know, the muppets lie about their motives when justifying plague immigration. “Sustainable growth” in anything is impossible. If you have any understanding of mathematics, the impossibility of indefinite growth of human populations should be clear. Crowding is known to cause an increase in violent behaviour. Our elected quislings decided that mass immigration driven property speculation is more important than housing affordability When your children and grandchildren inherit an overpopulated, polluted and depleted land, they won’t thank you. It’s hard to find words to describe the full horror. A day of reckoning is coming that is going to shock Australia to the core. Lost they shall wander from sewer to cesspit, as they soil themselves in intimacies with imported ethnic plague-lice. However, after making normal people suffer enough, the multicultural muppets might reconsider their destructive idiocies. Monash University population expert Dr Bob Birrell said the huge influx of people with few or no English skills had created social problems in Melbourne suburbs such as Dandenong, Sunshine and Broadmeadows. “This is not a pretty picture,” he said. The globalists are pissing on your heads Future generations struggling to survive among the ruined “Stack and Pack” slums of post-apocalypse Australia will wonder “Why did they do it? Couldn’t they see it coming?” Hopefully the plague immigrationists will have suffered terribly. The ABC reduces Australian history to victimization episodes, to weaken resistance to brute-force immigration. The ABC implies that Australians must be perpetual penitents – wearing national sackcloth, and exercising cultural self-flagellation. Mass immigration fundamentalists never have much respect for democracy at either the national or community level. Public discourse is held in contempt. Canada’s gibbering multicultural ratbaggery Our services, housing and infrastructure – stretched thin and overloaded – are being swamped by an endless tide of imported scab labour immigrants. Do you really believe that our elected quislings cannot see this, or are powerless to stop it? The precarious systems of title whereby Australians hold their nation, their land and its assets by a thread, were designed by wealthy parasites for the benefit of their own alien kind. The parasites became globalists – now watch the thread break. For some strange reason, a few depraved Aussies still want to import the parasites and arse-bacteria that thrive in third world ethnic sewage. At least the microbes are more decent than our elected quislings who stink even worse than ethnic shit. A vibrant multicultural “Stack and Pack” slum Unable to provide properly for our own citizens, with infrastructure, industries and services on the verge of collapse, can we still afford to allow the over-breeding problem creatures from the third world to pour into our country? It’s hard to imagine any group more fundamentally opposed to multiculturalism than the Islamics, yet under the flag of multiculturalism they are pumped into our country. Worse, it is claimed as an example of multicultural success. Plague immigration is the ultimate means for the spread of third world poverty, crime and disease into developed nations. Multiculturalism is the political ideology of a global disease epidemic that will lead us to a glorious globalist future. Plague immigration: Feel the raw naked power of multicultural hysteria Multicultural muppets are idealists: They don’t have a clue where they are going, but they are marching there anyway. If you are normal, you might just laugh at them, but it is all too serious for that. I cannot give any comforting assurances. Before they “embrace” the globalist feral immigration cargo-cult, ordinary Australians should ask themselves whether they want their kids and grandchildren to have clean food and water and somewhere decent to live. At no point do mass immigrationists advise that Australians should look at the enormous costs of mass immigration and multiculturalism. By abolishing plague immigration and multiculturalism, we would save billions of dollars for a sustainable future. Plague immigration is cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment Most countries in transition to multicultural disintegration go through a period of hysteria and denial, where gibbering lunatics “celebrate” and “embrace” the apocalyptic changes that are destroying their minds and their nations. A perverse kind of slavery is actually promoted and sustained by globalist economics, not by some divine moral law. Globalist gangsters invented multiculturalism and the plague immigration cargo-cult of unearned real estate profits. Previous immigrants are seeing their wages and working conditions eroded by new immigrants who bid down their wages. This growing resentment among earlier immigrants about plague immigration is a hopeful sign. Moulding mindless multicultural muppets Are you from the upper middle class with a degree and no brains? If so, you are likely to be a poofterist or a feminist pervert. You will also suffer with painful urges to “embrace” plague immigrants – because you have no brains. When you let alien people invade your country, sooner or later your country will lose its culture and its identity. Those who continue to defend their country will find themselves vilified by the politically correct quislings who sold them out. The planned and scheduled demolition of Australia’s sovereignty, is being implemented through plague immigration, the downgrading of citizenship status, and the undermining of material security across the social spectrum. Ignore this at your peril. Will brain-dead immigrants continue to move to Australia now that a house costs twice as much as in the USA? In the new globalist Australia, mad dogs, murderers and fornicators run wild with risk-free real estate profits guaranteed by the plague immigration Ponzi scheme. In this awful spectacle, multicultural hysteria is also running wild. Globalism is death by the multicultural (Jewish-Zionist-Stalinist) workings of an elite band of haters and corporate gangsters. We must fight genocidal globalist policies or be defeated. There really aren’t many choices left open to us. The latest confabulated and insane nonsense from the Big Australia = Huge Profits lobby is that big populations mean LOWER interest rates. Just like expanding demand LOWERS prices? Give us a break, you fucking greed-crazed idiots. Any expression of unhappiness with plague immigration can easily be construed as racism, the most shameful of all sins The multicultural dogma is designed to bring upon us, by contrast with the alien ethnic hordes, a sense of cultural unworthiness or inferiority. We must grovel before the divine majesty of cheap imported scab labour from the third world. The results of plague immigration, claim globalist quislings, have been overwhelmingly beneficial. The increased flow of unearned wealth to wealthy criminal parasites is a remarkable achievement by any corrupt standard. For citizens to support national ideals, they must first understand what that means. For citizens to act against plague immigration, they must grasp how it works ferociously against national ideals. Insofar as people are oblivious, they are helpless. Australia was murdered, plague immigration was the instrument of death Under globalist fascism and the multicultural scab labour invasion, Aussie workers will be driven to work and produce exclusively for wealthy parasites. Unearned profits must grow and flow continuously to international blood-sucking elites. This multicultural project of national suicide through plague immigration draws some kind of bogus legitimacy from Anglophobia and impacted ethnic resentments, and it has gone much further than a mere weakening of the national fabric. Ordinary Australians were sprayed with the hellfire juice of globalist economic stimulus, and it burnt them to the bone. It’s funny how “reform” only benefits the criminal parasite elite who push it. Keep crawling, my little grubs. Is Canadian immigration way too high? Do ducks quack? Our retarded quisling political elite like feeding their imported multicultural pigeons with taxpayer funded bread. There is a problem with that – many of the “pigeons” are actually infected killer vampire bats, who are hungry for Aussie blood. The UN’s Agenda 21 for a third world future, replaces suburbs with Soviet-style “Stack and Pack” slums: Zoning laws to disallow single residences; no cars, and mandatory public transport with high density slums located near railroad or bus depots. The glowing promises of plague immigration will leave Aussies with an enormous surplus population, a depleted land, and an epic debt. Why let these globalist weasel politicians sell you a smouldering ruin like the collapsed and imploded WTC towers. Multiculturalism is the greatest thing since they invented the atom bomb I sometimes pity those who “embrace” multiculturalism, because I know they will suffer, but I also know that their idiocy will make others suffer. This “vibrant multicultural tapestry” is nothing but an imported rag of foreign failure and filth. The globalist assault on nationhood is so evil and so sneaky that people cannot admit the awful reality of what is happening. Multicultural rhetoric and an awful globalist version of “human rights” displaced justice and citizenship. The light of freedom and civilization stands in the way of globalist tyranny – and tyranny through forcible multicultural invasion is the endgame of the quislings of both the political Left and the political Right. Violence delivered by high density “Stack and Pack” slum developments A flood of cheap imported scab labour and third world chaos sweeps across Australia like brown waste from a burst sewer. Multicultural hysteria and an alien growth ideology infects the feeble minds of mass media drones and dullard citizens. How did we believe that patently unsustainable practices could form the basis of any kind of sustainable society? How did we allow the plague immigration scam to take root like a cancerous tumour? Face facts honestly while you still have time. Plague immigration has reset Australian workers’ expectations to the new globalist third world norm. Desperation is an ugly source of incentive. Bipartisan globalist governments don’t truly want to generate full employment. Wastewater treatment plants often pump sewage into the drinking water supply Ordinary Aussies do not consider the decline of social cohesion, the rise of ethnic crime, and the transformation of their old neighborhoods into Asian-style “Stack and Pack” slums, to be the sort of cultural “enrichment” they want. I realize that reality isn’t for everyone. It’s mostly for people who want to live honestly, and who also realize that the truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it. It is necessary for us to learn from the mistakes of others. Our elected quislings love mass immigration because they are treacherous well-bribed lumps of stinking dog-shit. The media drones are useless multicultural muppets. I can hardly wait for the treason trials and the public executions. Anyone with a three-digit IQ is convinced Australia won’t cope with further plague immigration Be aware of the bloated globalist vampire’s hungry ability to remain hidden and to carry on a parasitic existence hostile to its host by parasitic necessity. Its ability to soil, degrade, plunder and destroy sovereign nations is massive. Messianic mass immigration has displaced democracy. Real issues have been effectively kept out of politics by the unhealthy bipartisan feral immigration consensus. We know that in an increasingly third world workforce, the breaking down of Australian conciliation and arbitration law and the state award system, the mass-influx of ever more imported scab labour, inevitably pushes wages downwards. The Anglophobic nature of mass immigration policies Stalin would have loved Australia’s new Chinese-style “Stack and Pack” slums. It is amazing how many globalist horrors the multicultural hate-zombies try to unleash against Aussies. It seems we can’t escape the globalist war for Australia’s assets. It is for ordinary Australians to decide whether they want to “share” their country with third world ethnics. It must not be elected quislings and property gangsters, who decide that we will “share” our assets on behalf of wealthy parasites. Greasy property developers help to rip up national heritage and history, while moulding Australia into the globalist third world Utopia. Megalomaniacal politicians behave like gangsters, or whores, as Australia’s resources are seized and plundered. We are out-gunned and cornered by our globalist quisling “leaders” If a labour shortage is remedied by importing ready-trained workers, then the wage level never rises, and indeed, may fall. At the same time, the shortage will continue because there will be no financial incentive for locals to train in that field. Aussie cities are “Stack and Pack” shit-holes. Aussie workers will pay the costs of plague immigration’s massive infrastructure burden. Queensland sold-off state assets to pay huge financial costs associated with population growth. Each new gang of elected quislings becomes more savage than its predecessor at enforcing globalism and plague immigration against the wishes of a sceptical public. “Getting tough” on democracy and nationhood is the new style. Aussies appalled by multicultural wrongness I believe we elect governments to preserve and improve our way of life. We do not have the means to “save” the world, and our elected globalist quislings and screeching multicultural media drones need not urge us to try. It is important to observe the insane pathology of multiculturalism that persecutes dissenters like Pauline Hanson, and to realize that it was in a hysterically deranged period of cultural history that the witch hunts flourished. Nothing is ever done to strip wealthy parasites of their ill-gotten gains, because our “leaders” protect them. Why are the elected quislings not held accountable? In China, perpetrators of crimes against society are routinely executed. Plague immigration pushes our country ever deeper into ecological deficit Australia is being re-colonized under the supervision of Jewish billionaires, the parasitic landed gentry and slimy financial classes. By the multicultural magic of the “Yellow Australia” plague immigration regime, Aussies will vanish in decades. A failure of the national immune system, and mass multicultural idiocy is leading to the plague immigration invasion destruction of Australia. The tyranny of Stalinist multiculturalism and its vicious Anglophobia are the antithesis of patriotism. Because people migrate from the third world to enjoy increased consumption, it’s a safe bet they would emit vastly more CO2 while resident in growth-mad, consumerist Australia. Multiculturalism’s gay rainbow metaphor is complete and utter bullshit Disgust is an honest response to multiculturalism, but to uproot and kill this globalist weed is even more appropriate. Stupid people shouldn’t breed, and we don’t need them flooding our country. We have enough stupid people. It’s a brutal fact that globalism kills. Suicides among 20-34 year-old men in the most disadvantaged one-fifth of the Australian population rose %8 between 1999 and 2003. Nearly double the rate for young men from the most affluent one-fifth. Cyanide is poison, everybody knows that, but how many globalist socio-economic poisons do Aussies ingest, believing them to be nationally nourishing? The sheeple are useful idiots, because of their bovine culture defined by conformism and trust. The awful fact of imported ethnic criminality Aussies don’t know the purpose of immigration in the scheme of things. Plague immigration policy is seen as a foreign aid project. How many Aussies know that foreign aid is a gift from working Aussies to wealthy parasites in poor countries? The availability of low interest loans, coupled with plague immigration and intense speculation in the property market, sent housing prices to dizzy heights. As a result, working people desperate to buy a home, took out huge mortgages. The globalist project to bring overpopulation, violence and poverty to Australia is well advanced. Aussies can fight back, but many are too stupid. The mindless multicultural muppets are important members of the immigrationist screeching choir. Using globalist systems, economists are able to produce massive amounts of poverty and misery Australian cities and suburbs are being trashed and their communities scattered in the name of “Stack and Pack” slum densification to pump bloated billionaire arses with even more unearned profit. Bring it to an end. Third world countries are dysfunctional and dangerous places, anxious to export their problems to the developed world, thereby dragging others down towards ruin and chaos. As globalist darkness threatens to engulf us, I say we stand and fight. Not everyone sees the flood of surplus third world flesh being a benefit. Many Australians have been effectively locked into poverty by bulk immigration. An important plank of the globalist (Jewish billionaire) plan for world dominance, is the plague immigration replacement of whole nations Destroying honest efforts of citizens is an important part of the globalist takeover of Australia, as is the continuous intimidation of those who try to access the “free market” or natural assets privatized and alienated against their birthrights. I wonder if our elected quislings care that high property prices don’t bring prosperity. This nation is run as a plague immigration boosted casino where the insiders and well-positioned always win, and the losers aren’t ever counted. When a few of the imported ethnic hordes adopt some of worst Aussie idiocies, the multicultural muppets bleat about the “success” of the plague immigration policy. Muppets have difficulties with thinking. Maybe they think we are all stupid. Fight for sane and sustainable levels of immigration (population reduction) Multicultural muppets strive after a fantasy that is altogether inauthentic. The multicultural journey takes their weak minds for a ride into a fairyland of delusion, as the mirage of a gay globalist paradise draws these idiot lemmings to destruction. If plague immigration is so good for the economy, why is the economy in crisis? If large populations were so good for the economy, third world governments would be fighting hard to keep all their people – wouldn’t they? Every nation has the right to decide who can move there and who can’t, and I stand by that truth. I won’t let the plague-immigrationist quislings render me silent, as history teaches that silence mostly protects the corrupt. Australia competes with third world failed states, in a desperate globalist race to the piss-stinking multicultural bottom As globalism spreads its slimy tentacles across the world, patriotic citizens will learn that being suddenly detained without charge will be “required for their own protection” or for multicultural re-education in a poofterist labour camp. Fertile lands become poisonous deserts, free people become disposable robots called human resources, and free societies become forced-labour death-camps or “Stack and Pack” slums. This is what the globalist apocalypse delivers to the innocent. Bloated globalist hypocrites are the very diseases they lecture us about. They aid the malignant spread in Australia of every exotic pathogenic disease they can force on to us. We don’t need their plague immigration or infantile multicultural drivel. The putrid plague immigration surge is not a glorious river of sustainable prosperity. It is a bursting sewer of human wastes As long as as our governments run plague immigration programs, conservatism is doomed. Too bad that our quisling leaders won’t understand that plague immigration and taxpayer-funded breeding programs are destroying Australia. The easiest and best way to make housing more affordable, is to kill plague immigration. Demand now runs vastly higher than supply. Our elected quislings know this very well, because they are the gangsters running this dirty Ponzi scheme. If the Jewish Eastern Suburbs of Sydney became a refugee camp for the ethnic asylum shoppers swarming into Sydney, I wonder if those wealthy immigrationist Jews who find all “refugees” so lovable, would still love them at a financial loss. There will never be a better time than now to do something about the failed plague immigration and “Yellow Australia” policies To change is to make a thing other than it has been, to distort it or to put something else in its place. In our case it will be imported scab labour replacing our own citizens. Do we need our golden nation transmuted to lead by globalists? Globalist elites push for a one-world government, but if it did not promise wealthy parasites a windfall of unearned profits, it would be silently and immediately dropped. Ordinary citizens pay for the losing bets of gangster elites. Faith in multiculturalism must be assigned not to intelligence, but to pure idiocy. Wise people understand the need to discard as vomit, multiculturalism, diversity rhetoric and same-sex perversion. People become disillusioned with bullshit. Through relentless demographic arithmetic, multiculturalism will remorselessly dissolve our nation Please note that Jewish organizations are strong proponents of multi-ethnic plague immigration into countries like Australia, while supporting its prevention in Israel. Jewish idealism goes hand in hand with extreme cultural cynicism. Quislings have to be amputated eventually – working Australians cannot afford to carry these awful parasites or any well-bribed creatures who work for the enemy. Must Australia become a burned-out shell rotten with Asian-style “Stack and Pack” slums? The globalist quislings often give collaborators privileges over the oppressed citizens. They also made use of traditional ethnic rivalries and resentments. It’s divide and rule. Australians are being disarmed in very many devious ways. The actual disadvantages of a larger population usually exceed the confabulated advantages by a massive margin Australia might be a land abundant with Jewish billionaires, but it is not abundant with decent incomes and affordable housing. So plague immigration forces Aussies to feed their futures into the ultimate Ponzi scheme of death. Globalist propaganda cannot always soothe away the disagreeable experience of seeing your own nation paved over with imported scab labour. Politically correct camouflage cannot hide unaffordable housing and entrenched unemployment forever. The idea that you can move away if things get too bad, must be a powerful reason why Aussies are not prepared to fight for their communities as imported ethnics are pumped in. But spineless worms cannot slither away forever. Plague Immigration: More homeless Aussies in every street What do you call the attempts to destroy your nation from the inside? Does the word “treason” come to mind? What needs to be appreciated is that there is a huge problem. You never voted for plague immigration and ethnic cleansing, but you got them. Desperation is energized despair, vigorous in action, reckless of consequences – that is where globalism takes nations. Disease often denotes deviation from health, or some definite morbid condition – multiculturalism is a disease. Decades of probing into the compact frontal lobes of trusting Aussie jellyfish, gave globalists the confidence they needed to launch a full plague immigration invasion on the witless nation of Australia. Multicultural mind-staining techniques work. All the quislings and criminal parasites implicated in the multicultural ruination of Australia, will be arrested and charged, then tried and executed The collapse of the property market bubble is providing the growth-mad immigrationist politicians and media drones a convenient smokescreen over the planned next wave of the third world invasion. You have been warned, now do something! The trusting little Aussie lambs are too lazy to discover the arguments against plague immigration, and the mindless multicultural muppets are too stupid and brainwashed. Screeching mass hysteria is what we get instead of public debate. Our useless media drones could ask why resentful ethnics bother moving all the way here from their third world cesspits, if they are just going to make Australia as corrupt, impoverished and violent as their old pest-holes. Vote for an Australian government, because we haven’t had one yet A profound overpopulation problem, is the conflict between the priorities of the Pope, his Church, his hierarchy and the desperate need of humanity to control its fertility. Uncontrolled breeding is how the Vatican expects to control the world. Fear is a powerful motivator in enforcing conformity and making people submit to authority. Plague immigration creates a sense of desperation or even terror in any worker facing the increased probability of losing both livelihood and shelter. Aussie sheeple have strictly average minds, which means they cannot repudiate bullshit like “Australia has boundless plains to share” or tackle how disposable imported scab labour is taking over their country and culture. Globalism means eating shit. Blood-sucked to death by plague immigration vampires Kevin Rudd was “bold and brave” before they dragged him away with a hook. The Minister for Species Extinction, Wildlife Habitat Destruction, Land Clearing, Imported Scab Labour and Housing Price Bubbles is not scared of a “Big Australia” either. The Great Wave of plague immigration is planned to continue at least until Australia’s national back is broken. Then the vampires’ feast begins – the raping and plundering of Australia’s assets. Globalist “reform” is never painless. Globalists (Jewish billionaires) demand that all White countries (that includes USA, Canada, and Australia) accept non-White plague immigration into their countries (Yellow Australia Policy) – yet Japan is allowed to remain 98.5% Japanese. “Embrace” imported scab labour and demonstrate your confidence in a totally failed system Globalist war is waged against we the Australian people, with few political leaders ready to defend us. In fact, most are working for the invading forces. Overt and covert multicultural infiltrations by globalist parasites, subvert our institutions. It is more comforting for the mindless multicultural muppets to ignore or “celebrate” population growth rather than confront overpopulation and an inevitable future of extreme resource depletion and collapse. Good luck, weaklings and cocksuckers. The wealthy parasite elite encourages plague immigration in order to create pools of cheap imported scab labour, desperate tenants, and hungry consumers. A surplus of cheap scab labour lowers the price of labour and workplace safety. Are you another multicultural religious nut case? I bet you would enjoy being nailed to a cross The globalist bulk immigration adventure has overloaded Australia with rapidly aging immigrants. Many of them are ill with exotic third world diseases, and represent an unsustainable burden on hospital, medical and welfare services. Australia is caught in an unaffordable housing death-vortex. The big crash and burn is overdue, and the rotten plague immigration Ponzi scheme will collapse and implode like the WTC towers which were also overdue for demolition. As a political process, multiculturalism means something very sinister. It describes a set of policies that replace the dominant culture with a billionaire friendly regime, by promoting ethnic rivalry and resentment against the host culture. The poor little real estate junkies got themselves hooked on low interest rates and plague immigration I will let the muppets eat their multicultural turd with a good squirt of ethnic diversity sauce from some third world arse-hole. I don’t want any – it’s far too rich for my simple Aussie tastes. Plague immigration offers me nothing I want. When the idiotic claim that bulk immigration boosts Australia’s wealth, is decoded by reality, we find that bulk immigration mostly causes debt, poverty, unaffordable housing, social violence, environmental degradation and chaos. I can see how globalists overcome patriotism and its negative impacts on their mountains of unearned wealth, by flooding our land with waves of imported scab labour while promoting poofterism and multiculturalism in our schools. Plague immigration makes winners and losers. Strangely, most of the losers are Aussies It’s odd that multiculturalism (plague immigration) which is violent and extremist can somehow present itself as reasonable and moderate. Keep alive and available so that politically impossible national patriotism becomes politically inevitable. How moronic and corrupt is the baby-bonus? Stupid humans either make the cut or they don’t. Either live within the planet’s carrying capacity or die badly. Something must reduce human overpopulation rapidly and radically. Everything else is trivial. I wonder when our globalist quisling government is going to have another go at stamping-out community dissent. We know they are intolerant of intolerance directed against their intolerable multicultural plague immigration racket. A weak or damaged mind is within every hysterical multicultural ratbag The modern religious nut is more inclined to venerate a globalist supernatural force or a plague-immigration cargo-cult than to worship a traditional fetish. Shrieking insanity still sacrifices the living to the blood-lust of a false god. It’s obvious that one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce the growth in our emissions – and make our efforts to cut emissions more effective overall – would be to reduce immigration. That won’t happen, and the emissions will ever rise. The power to report and describe reality is now in the hands of a privileged group of globalist cocksuckers. The power to control information is the power to control how people think. Memories and national certainties can be blown away into oblivion. The first enemy is plague immigration, the second enemy is apathy Why do media drones consider a government program “a success” if it does not achieve the exact opposite of its stated goal? Whatever a globalist quisling government does “achieve” comes at a terrible cost to the ordinary citizens. If all wealthy parasites were exterminated, new parasites would soon rule, because the masses would remain unintelligent. If you try to inform morons, they simply stare at you in pathetic and bovine incomprehension. Only the wise can be helped. Many people made sizeable capital gains on their homes which they did nothing to earn, apart from being in the right place at the right time, and it is untaxed. Plague immigration sure helped them to climb on top of their fellow Aussies. Buried by plague immigration’s pollution, excrement and decay “Embracing” imported scab labour, is like eating a brain tumor for breakfast every day – you become your own worst enemy. It’s not enough that Aussies are expected to dig their own graves, they must pay all the funeral costs as well. We must bring on the population debate, for currently, only developers and property racketeers get the attention of politicians. Must we sacrifice everything so these greedy bastards can get richer? The immigration Ponzi scheme is beyond absurd. The globalist shit will soon hit the fan of economic reality when the lies run out. You can keep playing multicultural music as long as the globalist Titanic is still sinking, but then what? Some of us are awake and ready. Ruining tomorrow with plague immigration A deadly threat to state and federal finances posed by a growing population of elderly and infirm ethnics looms on the horizon. It’s the result of a “Yellow Australia” plague immigration policy implemented to dilute the Australian majority. Mass immigration is a political weapon of conquest used against ordinary Aussies and Australia’s status as a sovereign nation. I have no hesitation in branding our elected quislings as the well-bribed and corrupt criminals they truly are. Wage slaves do not do well when globalist parasites and elected quislings cause times to get hard through the magic of plague immigration and real estate Ponzi schemes. We won’t be able to rely on the kindness of ethnic strangers. A vibrant multicultural pattern of unearned profits The political establishment, globalist whip in hand, drove the poor dimwitted Aussie lemmings back to a condition of mass penal servitude. Yet the job is not done – next comes their ethnic cleansing, and replacement by imported scab labour. Do you consider ethnic ghettos and white flight to be very positive social and cultural impacts? What about ethnic gang politics? Or how about barbaric Third World traditions such as female genital mutilation or ritual cruelty toward animals? The screeching multicultural faggots regularly raise alarms that the Nazis will became part of Aussie mainstream politics unless we all “embrace” plague immigration and homosexuality. Pure globalist hysteria and dishonest confabulation. The plague immigration sacred caw is never examined in the context of the environment, quality of life, or unearned real estate profits The cult of alien ethnicity is a powerful globalist guilt tool used to lubricate the ethnic cleansing of those hated Anglophone natives of Australia who have something that many resentful imported ethnics feel entitled to have. You can drink the multicultural turd-water and eat globalist peanuts, and receive no nutritional benefit. You can believe all the globalist spin, plague immigration propaganda, and cultural diversity myths, but reality will hunt you down. When did Aussies grant their “leaders” a mandate to dissolve the nation with plague immigration, cultural diversity growth rackets, and real estate Ponzi schemes? Have Aussies morphed into nutless wonders, mindless robots, or multicultural suckholes? Displacing Australians: The globalist game plan To any Aussie resident faced with seeing their suburb ruined with Stalinist “Stack and Pack” slums, it would seem that the Department of Immigration, State Government, and property developers are little more than a corrupt triad from the third world. Affordable housing is a great idea, but the bloodsucking property bed-bugs hate it. Luckily for them, our political quislings are also implicated in real estate Ponzi schemes, and will protect plague immigration with Aussie lives if necessary. In the weeks leading up to being deposed by angry citizens, governments quickly give greasy developers all the corrupt deals they ask for – pushed through for maximum impact on real estate Ponzi schemes. How can we stop this dirty business? Wealthy parasites are continually elevated by the plague immigration Ponzi scheme If frenzied politicians and mass media drones relentlessly pursue issues of race, gender, and diversity in preference to real national issues, there will be an increasing division of society along the same lines. Which is what the globalists want. It’s easy to flush out the parasites who feast on immigration scams. Just suggest a slight reduction in the intake of imported scab labour and fake refugees and we soon hear our multicultural “friends” screeching, moaning and threatening us. It looks bleak for Australia, but I believe we still have a bit of time. Join with people that wish to fight back. Don’t be resigned to national genocide. Educate others around you. Help end the plague immigration invasion. Wealthy parasites unleash the profit potential of globalist poverty with “Stack and Pack” slum city Ponzi schemes Mass extinctions are coming, along with denial, breeding, and coprophilia. How much longer can globalist psychopaths exponentially expand their demands for sex and perversion? How much longer can they run with decreased levels of decency? Globalist cocksuckers cannot be trusted, yet we let them impose disastrous plague immigration on us. The globalist takeover of Australia is an act of treason. Be sceptical of any politician who claims to be working for both Australians and globalism. Australia’s resources are not unlimited, and overloading them will make our quality of life unpleasant. Consider the rolling disasters of health, education, housing supply and transport. This insane craving for population growth is killing Australia. Multiculturalists abuse the power of media, law, and indoctrination A notorious Canberra plague landlord, from the Chinese community, who faces civil and possible criminal proceedings, collected huge rents from large numbers of desperate imported scab labour Indians squeezed into his filthy vermin-infested shitholes. This state of mass immigration denial has led politicians and media drones to develop an ostrich attitude to the damaging consequences of an open-borders immigration policy, and they are psychologically incapable of being honest about it. Will Aussie lemmings conveniently allow the “Yellow Australia” policy to exterminate them to make way for the third world’s breeding billions? The deconstruction of Australia is an important globalist project that promises massive unearned profits. The multicultural hate-attack on Australians generates economic benefits Crazed by hedonistic desires, and alien ideologies, multicultural perverts set out to deceive an Australia soon to be flooded with imported scab labour. The real estate gangsters and corporate pigs were not threatened by this arrangement. How much longer must we listen to hand-wringing multicultural lemmings sobbing their emotional “We’re a nation of immigrants!” mantra and similar spew-making globalist propaganda? There is nothing sane or healthy in this cultural diversity crap. I know what some of you are thinking – that politicians and m
  7. Simon May 4, 2014 at 11:17 am #

    Total debt including private, gov and public is around 3.9 trillion.

    Interesting system we have! Whats the interest Australia is paying!


    Hope we can turn this topic into a care for all people and planet talk 🙂
    Get rid of the taboo!

  8. colin August 25, 2014 at 7:32 pm #

    Look at this and you will truly see the answer you seek

  9. bella April 16, 2015 at 7:35 pm #

    Any updates?

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