Our Government *Officially* Does Not Know Who Owns More Than 60% Of Australia’s Public Debt [June 2011]

IMF Admits Usury Is The Root Problem Of The Global Financial System

Australian Banks Demand Protection From Derivatives Losses Under Bail-In Plan

IMF Tells Australian Lawmakers To “Prevent Premature Disclosure Of Sensitive Information” On Bank Bail-Ins

Australian Banks “Welcome” Cyprus-Style Bail-In Plan

New Zealand Banks “Pre-Positioning” For Cyprus-Style Bail-In

Timeline For “Bail-In” Of G20 Banking System

Australia Plans Cyprus-Style “Bail-In” Of Banks In 2013-14 Budget

An Historical Warning For Proponents Of A Modern Debt Jubilee

Looking For A Root

Imagine A World With No Banks

Everything You Need To Know About “GDP”

Crisis Management: APRA To Be Given Power To “Direct” Your Super

G20 Governments ALL Agreed To Cyprus-Style Theft Of Bank Deposits … In 2010

NZ Insider: Australasian Banks Prepared To Steal Your Money “With A Few Mouse Clicks”

A Tale Of Usury, Explosions, And A Used Car Salesman

Hey You, Bankers’ Stooge! THIS Is How To Save The Planet

A History Of The Legal Case Against Usury

Your Super Screwed By The Laboral Party

The World’s Most Immoral Institution Tells You How

The Bank Deposits Guarantee Is No Guarantee At All

The Galactic Hypocrisy of Wayne Swan

Swan’s Anti-Australian Rant A Smokescreen For Treason

Think You’ve Got Cash In The Bank? Think Again

GilSwan Conned – Mining Tax The Greens’ Pit Of Despair

Another Government Raid On Citizens’ Super

Julia’s Big Lie On Jobs

Wayne Predicts 57% Blowout In Net Debt … This Year

Is THIS The “Trend” Growth You Are Banking On, Wayne?

An Ill Wind Blows For Wind Farms

Carbon Derivatives 101

“ClimateSmart” Scheme Scams Households On Carbon Credits

Aussie Banks Put Taxpayers On The Hook For Another $130+ Billion

Wayne’s Budget Is Already Shot To Hell

Australia On Target To Hit Debt Ceiling By Mid-2012

Ticking Time Bomb Hidden In The Carbon Tax

It Has Begun – Labor Steals Liberal’s Idea To Steal Your Super

Labor Begins To Steal Your Super

It’s The Sun, Stupid: CERN Confirms

Government’s RIS Admits Carbon Emissions “Audits” A Propaganda Exercise

Flash Crash “Had Something To Do With Some Derivatives”, Says Goldman Trader

Stealing Our Super – I DARE You To Ignore This Now

Wayne: OOPS! I Did It Again

The Carbon Pricing Scheme Is Unconstitutional

Carbon Permits Do Not Even Exist

The “500 Biggest Polluters” Exposed – Everything The Government Is Not Telling You

Spread The Word – “Untouchable” Turnbull Is A Goldman-Plated Turd

I Was Right – Our Banks Begin Preparing Carbon Derivatives Market

Government Lies Again – Latest NGER Report Lists Only 299 “Polluters” In Total

Why Would Any Sane Person Believe Treasury’s Carbon Tax Modelling When Its Budget Forecasting Record Is This Bad?

Our Bankers’ Casino Royale – “Carbon Permits” Really Means “A Licence To Print”

A Disturbance In The Farce

The People’s NWO: Every Man His Own Central Banker

Now The UK Government Is Stealing Super Too

The Pricing Carbon Choir – Why Should *Any* Sane Person Trust Economists After The GFC?

RBA Says Our Banks Are Stuffed … In Other Words

The “Carbon Tax” Is NOT A Tax … It Is The Bankers’ CPRS BY Another Name

Our Banks Racing Towards A “Bigger Armageddon”

Our Banking System Operates With Zero Reserves

Swan: We Created Every Single New Job In The Entire Nation Since We Came To Office … And 10,000 More, That Don’t Even Exist

Final Proof That RBA Governor Glenn Stevens Is Either A Liar, Or A Blithering Idiot

Our Government *Officially* Does Not Know Who Owns More Than 60% Of Australia’s Debt

Why They Are Planning To Steal Our Super, Explained In 4 Simple Charts

Fresh Evidence Our Banks In “Race To The Bottom” Means You Can Kiss Your Super Goodbye

Barnaby Bamboozles Chief Of Climate Change Modelling Unit … Again

No Super For You!! (reprise, updated with latest developments as at June 6, 2011)

By Saul’s Own Word’s They Stand Condemned

Doing God’s Work – Turnbull An Angel Of Death Derivatives

Compassion For Malcolm: He Just Wants His Balls Back

“Grand Theft Pēnsiō – Europe’s ‘Economic Superstar’ Steals 5% Of Private Super Funds”

No Super For You!

Our “Squeeze Pop” Carbon Bank

How Australia Will Look When The SHTF

What’s So Gay About Gaia?

“Half A Million Jobs” – Wayne’s Big Lie (Reprise)

Budget Blowout: Interest-On-Debt $1.59m Per Hour

I Was Right – Labor Hid The Increase

Tick Tick Tick – Aussie Banks’ $15 Trillion Time Bomb

How Gillard’s Use Of The Credit Card Makes Rudd’s GFC Spending Spree Look A Model Of Financial Prudence

Behold, Wayne’s Große Lüge

The Real Reason Why Gillard’s A Spinster

‘Til Debt Do Tear Us Apart

Barnaby Only One On The Ball

Labor Fakes GDP By 4.5%

Who Owns Our Debt?

Tanner Lies About Budget, GFC

RBA Robs Us By Stealth

Emissions Trading 101 – Slideshow. Turn your sound up.

Can We Even Pay The Interest?

Labor: Hide The Increase

Stutchbury Sees The Angel Too

Tanner Lied About Whitlam Debt

Barnaby vs Tanner – Qualifications

The Great Reckoning Begins – Alan Kohler (Feb 2010)

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  1. Remember the live cattle trade ban? « The Tizona Group - July 12, 2011

    […] the $36 billion NBN that still somehow has to be paid for. Meanwhile, a bloke how just bought a new house can’t get a copper phone line connected […]

  2. Remember the live cattle trade ban? « James Board - July 12, 2011

    […] the $36 billion NBN that still somehow has to be paid for. Meanwhile, a bloke how just bought a new house can’t get a copper phone line connected […]

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